20 – 23 April 2015 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas


About CinemaCon

1. I understand the annual “Pioneer of the Year” Dinner to be held on Wednesday evening, 22 April will be part of the official CinemaCon Schedule. Do I need to purchase a separate ticket for this event?
Actually not. The beautiful thing about the association between CinemaCon and The Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation and incorporating the Pioneer Dinner into the CinemaCon Schedule, is that admittance to the dinner is INCLUDED in your official registration package. Only NON-registered individuals who want to attend the Pioneer Dinner and support the Will Rogers organization need to purchase tickets separately.
2. Why was Caesars Palace selected as the home of CinemaCon?
Having discussed the city location of CinemaCon with its exhibitor and distributor partners, it was agreed that Las Vegas was best suited to host the new convention. Of the various properties considered, Caesars Palace stood out for several reasons: their convenient location on the “Four Corners” of Las Vegas; its beautiful and new Conference Center located away from the smoke and madding crowd of the casino; the availability of The Colosseum, one of the premiere, state-of-the-art performance venues in Las Vegas, complete with a seating capacity of 4,200 and which will be able to accommodate the entire CinemaCon delegation under one roof at the same time; the diversity and number of on-site property amenities and restaurants and the quality and reputation of the entire staff at Caesars Palace.
3. How were the dates for CinemaCon selected?
With so many of the summer and fall films special effects driven, it was decided to hold CinemaCon in the Spring so as to capitalize on the greater availability of footage. This decision was made in concert with the Hollywood Studios. Additionally, when selecting dates, CinemaCon was mindful of the Spring’s religious holiday periods, nor to conflict with other major industry conventions such as NAB.
4. What are the future dates for CinemaCon?
For the next six-year period, CinemaCon will be held as follows:
  • 2015 - 20 – 23 April
  • 2016 - 11 – 14 April
  • 2017 - 27 – 30 March
  • 2018 - 23 – 26 April
  • 2019 - 1 – 4 April
  • 2020 - 30 March – 2 April
5. Who attends CinemaCon?
Everyone in the cinema industry will be attending CinemaCon! International and domestic cinema representatives from single-screen to 2,000+ screen companies; distribution, marketing, and publicity representatives from international motion picture studios; worldwide equipment and concession vendors, and, representatives from all ancillary markets and facets of the motion picture industry from media to the filmmaking community.
6. I operate a cinema chain outside the United States; should I attend CinemaCon?
Yes! With its broad scope of programming, studio presentations and screenings, not to mention a special International Day schedule, geared specifically toward the worldwide marketplace, you will benefit greatly by attending CinemaCon. CinemaCon is the largest and most important gathering of cinema owners from around the world, representing more than 70 countries.
7. When should I plan to arrive and depart Las Vegas?
If you plan to attend International Day on Monday, we suggest arriving on Sunday, 19 April, as programming will begin first thing Monday Morning, and departing on Friday, 24 MApril, as the convention will conclude late Thursday evening. If you do NOT plan to attend International Day, we suggest arriving by late morning, Monday as CinemaCon 2015 will be officially getting underway at approximately 3:00pm with a to be announced keynote, followed by a major studio presentation and Opening Night Party. Again, you should plan on departing on Friday.
8. Where will the major studio presentations and screenings be held?
At The Colosseum in Caesars Palace. With a seating capacity of 4,200, The Colosseum is a state-of-the-art entertainment venue that will allow all CinemaCon attendees to view all studio presentations under the same roof at the same time. Furthermore, thanks to the support of the ICTA and many of its member companies, CinemaCon has available to itself some of the industry’s leading techincal experts who are working hard to design and equip the theatre so that each and every presentation is incomparable and perfect in every way.
9. I’ve heard that the CinemaCon Trade Show will be held in different areas of the Conference Center. Is this true?
Yes, that is correct. With the ability to accommodate more than 500 booths and 14 suites, the CinemaCon Trade Show will take place on three levels of the Conference Center, each a short escalator ride away. To view current floorplans for the 2015 Trade Show CLICK HERE. To view an alphabetical listing of all participating companies CLICK HERE.
10. What should I wear at CinemaCon?
The most important thing to pack is COMFORTABLE SHOES. The dress code for the week is business casual and business formal on the final night.
11. Will I be able to get additional information and assistance on-site?
Yes. There will be an abundance of easily identifiable CinemaCon Courtesy Crew Members, stationed throughout Caesars Palace, to help you navigate your way around and to answer any questions you might have.
12. Who manages CinemaCon?
Mitch Neuhauser is the Managing Director, hired by NATO based on his 30+years of convention management experience and industry relationships with exhibition, distribution and equipment and concessions companies within the industry. On board as well is Matt Pollock, Associate Convention Director, who brings 20 years of event management experience and Matt Shapiro, Operations Coordinator, now entering his fifth year with the company. For further contact information for CinemaCon, CLICK HERE.
13. Can I hold a private meeting during CinemaCon?
Yes. With an abundance of meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes, some of which come with beautifully appointed conference tables, CinemaCon will be assigning meeting rooms as requests come in. Only those companies who support CinemaCon will have the ability to utilize and of the conference center’s meeting space.
14. Can our company hold a private function during CinemaCon?
With a schedule that will be busy from morning until night, CinemaCon will allow such function with the caveat that they do NOT interfere with any major events scheduled during the day; that they are made available to the CinemaCon delegation in general and again, the company holding the event must be a supporter of CinemaCon.

Registration and Hotel Rooms

1. What is included in my registration rate?
This depends on the registration package you deem most appropriate for you. Domestic Packages include all official scheduled events such as studio screenings and product presentations, trade show, seminars, sponsored food events and more. And as well, if your are attending as a delegate from the International Marketplace, you may find that the International Package is best for you. For a complete outline of what is included in all registration packages, please CLICK HERE.
2. What are the room rates at Caesars Palace?
CinemaCon has negotiated a most favorable rate of $197 per room for individuals.
3. Are there hotel suites available?
Yes, of course. All suites at Caesars Palace will be assigned by the CinemaCon office. To inquire further, please contact .
4. What are the guest rooms like at Caesars Palace?
CinemaCon believes that convention delegates deserve the best accommodations possible. Caesars Palace offers a wide range of luxurious sleeping accommodations, from standard sleeping rooms to the most lavish suites.
5. Is Caesars Palace the only location in Las Vegas at which convention delegates will be staying?
While it is our belief that nothing else in Las Vegas will compare with the value and experience offered at Caesars Palace, in being mindful of different budgets, CinemaCon has also retained a small block of hotel rooms at alternative Harrah’s properties such as The Flamingo and Bally’s. Room quantities are limited and to learn more about these rooms, please contact the CinemaCon office at

CinemaCon Schedule of Events

1. What kind of programming can I expect to see at CinemaCon?
From major Hollywood Studio product presentations and screenings to informative seminars, sponsored food events, and of course, the all-important CInemaCon Trade Show, the largest of its kind for the motion picture theatre industry, the CInemaCon schedule will be one that will keep delegates on the go from morning until night. CinemaCon will also hold a closing night program that will feature an award ceremony singling out some of today’s top filmmakers and acting talents. As planned, the final night will be a star-studded extravaganza! And look out for some surprises as well, when it comes to the CInemaCon schedule for the week. To view a most current schedule of events, CLICK HERE.

CinemaCon’s Industry Partners

1. What exactly are ICTA and NAC?
Two of the leading trade associations within the motion picture theatre industry are the ICTA (International Cinema Techology Association), geared toward the equipment manufacturer and dealer ends of the industry, and, NAC (National Association of Concessionaires), whose membership includes those companies providing food, candy and beverages to theatres. CinemaCon is delighted to have both as its official Trade Show Partners and for further information on each, kindly click on these direct links.   ICTA   NAC
2. Where can I learn more about the cinema industry?
The Official Magazine of NATO is “Boxoffice” and to learn more CLICK HERE.

For any additional questions you might have, please contact CinemaCon directly at

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